News vom 19. Jan. 2022

Hello & welcome to my new webshop
The first problems have been fixed and the shop is now running like clockwork...
I also uploaded all the items from the old shop (over 10,000) of which half are available is
(the rest is market with  Out Of Stock  so you can add it to your wishlist.)

A few of the most recent new entries are also listed, and more will follow every day.
(I have almost half a year to catch up - there are about 1000 hip hop classics / 200 funk / 100 jazz / 300 metal / 200 punk etc. waiting on the new site to be presented - let yourself be surprised.

here are links to the older news: Jan. '22 / Dec. '21

and the old web shop is still running in parallel under:

all the news are at: All Products or the respective categoryorie already sorted by topicality and kö can also be sorted individually by price or AZ.

- Thanks for looking... see you then - NaiL

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