mostly by Bernard Fevre who did some crazy Library-Stuff before - some nice experimental mysterious synth-pop on here..
- inaudible mark in A1 - only visual ! - rest is M-

A12005 Stars Group - Star WarsYT
A2Bernard Fevre - FantasmYT
A3Bernard Fevre - News From FutureYT
A4Bernard Fevre - Space TeamYT
A52005 Stars Group - Rollerball ActionYT
A62005 Stars Group - Rocket ManYT
B12005 Stars Group - TelstarYT
B2Bernard Fevre - Central WayYT
B3Bernard Fevre - Satellite 33YT
B42005 Stars Group - From Here To EternityYT
B5Eddie Warner - DrugYT
B62005 Stars Group - Space OddityYT
C12005 Stars Group - OxygeneYT
C2Bernard Fevre - Ronde InterstellairYT
C3Bernard Fevre - Moon HeartYT
C4Bernard Fevre - Sunshine On MarchYT
C52005 Stars Group - Jet FlightYT
C62005 Stars Group - Life On MarsYT
D12005 Stars Group - 2001YT
D2Bernard Fevre - Earth MessageYT
D3Bernard Fevre - OdysséeYT
D42005 Stars Group - Star ManYT
D5Eddie Warner - TelexYT
D62005 Stars Group - Children Of PlanetYT



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